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Real Estate Content Marketing

We bring customers to real estate agencies and developers
in Turkey, UAE and all around the world


Meta Ads

We promote real estate businesses on Facebook and Instagram

  • We specialize in setting up lead generation campaigns, including lead ads, video ads, look-alike targeting, and retargeting;

  • Our team crafts creative banners and compelling texts that help you stand out from competitors;

  • We monitor lead quality and optimize the return on investment (ROI) for paying customers.


PPC Tools

Scale up results through extra Paid Social and PPC platforms

  • Paid Search: Google Ads, Bing Ads;

  • Paid Social: LinkedIn Ads, TikTok Ads, Snapchat;

  • Additional tools for CIS: Яндекс Директ, VK Ads, MyTarget, Avito, Telegram Ads.



Optimise lead touchpoints and improve advertising ROI

  • We develop websites and landing pages that effectively increase conversion rates;

  • Our expertise extends to developing interactive quizzes and integrating chatbots into popular messaging platforms like Telegram, WhatsApp, and Facebook;

  • We skillfully manage social media networks to engage potential customers and attract subscribers.



Build company brand awareness for long-term sales growth

  • Our approach involves researching the target audience, conducting competitive analysis, and carefully crafting PR messages;

  • We develop a content strategy and produce compelling materials for blogs, social media, and various media platforms;

  • Our services include setting up media advertising, organizing collaborations with bloggers, and enhancing SEO traffic.

    Application for cooperation

    By submitting an application, you accept the terms of the agreement on the processing of personal data


    Three years of steady growth:
    from 0 to 3,000 house building
    applications per month

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    • Launched advertising campaigns for Kazakhstan, Russia, Germany and Finland;
    • Attracted 3.3 times as many applications from contextual advertising;
    • Formed an optimal mix of automatic and manual strategies for different types of campaigns;
    • Keeping the CPO and quality of leads at the same level — sales and income have increased.

    Bring in targeted leads from Facebook in the first week of promotion

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    Turkish Real Estate Agency (NDA)

    • Promoted the Turkish real estate agency in 7 countries, among them Norway, Sweden and Britain;
    • Launched 4 types of campaigns: Lead Ads, traffic campaigns, campaigns with conversion optimisations and on messages;
    • Have produced recommendations on how to increase the site’s page load speed in order to reduce the bounce rate;
    • Prepared creatives with the agency’s best promotional offer, and highlighted the speed of finding property in Turkey.

    Put a real estate service in the top 5 of organic search results in a year

    Фото списка - 3
    • Four priority product areas were identified: new buildings, secondary housing, mortgages and renovations;
    • Each area has developed its own strategy to attract users and increase their interaction with the service;
    • Built a large analytical dashboard to monitor positions, visibility, technical errors and frequency;
    • Increased the number of monthly visitors to the site from zero to 400, raising the site’s visibility to 35% for priority queries.

    Increased organic traffic by a factor of 2 without the help of client’s development

    Фото списка - 4
    • Channeled client resources into traffic-generating tasks without involving development, and plugged in their own development;
    • Prepared an extensive content plan for the blog and an SEO ToR for the articles;
    • Implemented regular monitoring of technical errors on the website and corrected them according to priorities;
    • Improved the link weight of the website.

    Our clients

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    Project team

    Allocate up to 7 specialists with
    experience in your subject

    Team pic

    DS Team

    • Strategist

      analyses the market and competitors, creates a marketing mix

    • Web analyst

      sets up analytical systems and targets, collects quality data from specialists

    • Designer

      prepares advertising creatives — banners, animations, videos

    • UX/UI specialist

      analyses user behaviour, writes recommendations for content edits

    • Team Leads

      monitor the quality of production, responsible for achieving KPIs

    • Paid traffic and SEO specialists

      implement the work plan

    Meet the project team