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About Us

DS Team is a full-service digital agency.
The company's mission is to build an optimal combination of creativity
and technological data-driven approach to increase the effectiveness
of our clients' Internet marketing.

Key expertise


DS Team

We create synergy between SEO, PPC, SMM and other advertising tools.



We work with IT products, fintech, online stores, medicine, real estate, etc.


Worldwide Experience

We bring products and businesses to new markets, promote international and multilingual projects

Company principles

  • Transparency and rationality

    All processes are digitized, all performance indicators are in dashboards, all decisions are based on data.

  • Partnership instead of hierarchy

    We build partnerships with employees and clients based on common interests and values.

  • Interest as a quality driver

    We fanatically love digital marketing and constantly find new approaches to familiar tasks and tools.

Company capabilities

  • Company in numbers

    • We have been providing services since 2014.

    • The agency implemented more than 200 projects for clients from 20+ countries.

    • The company has more than 80 employees.

  • Regions of presence

    • Company offices: Almaty (Kazakhstan), Dubai (UAE), Barcelona (Spain).

    • We have experience in implementing advertising campaigns in 10+ languages, proven translation and adaptation processes.

    • Our team is distributed from UTC+6 to UTC-4.

  • Work formats

    • Turnkey services for clients.

    • Promotion consultancy and strategy development.

    • Subcontract work for other advertising agencies.