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Full-scale website promotion

Increase your sales with a full range of search engine promotion services

Personalized SEO strategy

Develop a unique SEO strategy to strengthen your business's key metrics

  • Search

    For brands: Increase visibility and reach

  • Search

    For media outlets and editorial offices: Generate more traffic and attract more attention

  • Search

    For e-commerce and services: Increase your sales significantly

  • visibility, %

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  • visitors, in thousands

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  • profit, in millions of rubles

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Improve your conversion rate with SEO optimization

Website optimization does wonders in improving user experience and search rankings

  • We’ll research your target audience, product, and competitors, and make marketing improvements
  • Enrich your website with high-quality content, increase engagement and search positions
  • Ensure the stability of your website and speed up page loading

Strengthen your brand's position

Build brand awareness and trust with SEO

  • We will improve your brand image in search results by working with snippets and using rich formats
  • Guaranteed positive online reputation and regularly managed reviews (SERM)
  • We distribute articles in mass media and blogs, thus increasing the link mass

Optimization for all search forms

Expanding the visibility of your business in all search engines

  • Mobile SEO for Google
  • Promotion through image and video search
  • Optimization for product search on the Internet
  • SEO strategies for trading platforms
  • Promotion in ads and classified platforms
  • App optimization for App Stores (ASO)
  • Improving the visibility of your content on YouTube
  • SEO tactics for local search engines

All-inclusive SEO services

Comprehensive SEO services in one package. We perform technical tasks for you and then explain them to you in easy language

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  • Web Analyst

    configures and collects data from analytical systems

  • Copywriters

    create effective LSI texts

  • UX / UI specialist

    improves the user experience, which in turn increases your conversions

  • Chief SEO Specialist

    performs quality control and monitors KPIs

  • SEO Assistants

    implements your strategy according to the meticulously crafted plan

  • Content manager

    publishes finished content on your website

Get to know our team

Our clients

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Gabriel Miller

Our company is a manufacturer of Electrolux appliances. We approached DS Team with the aim of increasing traffic to our website, increasing the number of subscribers to our Facebook groups and improving their engagement.
We would like to express our gratitude for the collaboration, especially for the comprehensive approach to all issues. DS Team helped us develop a strategy for our social media platforms and proposed various solutions to achieve our goals. Throughout our relationship, the team has been prompt in resolving any issues that have arisen and has been flexible in adapting the advertising strategy to meet our needs.
We would like to thank the DS Team for their cooperation in optimising and promoting our company and would recommend them as a reliable partner!

Maxim Faldin

Our product "Silverbird" is a financial service for international trade. We turned to DS Team agency with the goal to increase organic traffic in Google for UK region.
We would like to thank you for the cooperation so far especially given
the fact that you were there during the first steps of the company and
helped with a lot of things even outside the SEO remit.
DS team helped us to develop the blog strategy and offered
various solutions to the task at hand. During our work they promptly
solved the issues and with understanding adjusted the promotion
strategy to our demands.
We thank the DS Team for the joint work on the
optimization and promotion of Silverbird and we would recommend
our colleagues as a reliable contractor!

Commercial Department

Our company Holz House has been engaged in the construction of modern houses made of laminated timber since 1998. And for the past 7 years we have been cooperating with the DS Team for Paid Search and SEO. We would like to express our gratitude and leave a positive review about this agency.
The main task is to get leads from all possible traffic sources, which will be converted into contracts and construction projects, and DS Team successfully copes with this task. Colleagues have written several cases based on our cooperation: on the growth of SEO traffic, on the increase in the effectiveness of paid traffic and the features of interaction and promotion in our field.
From the very beginning of our interaction, the company's team has demonstrated a high level of professionalism, efficiency in solving emerging issues and, most importantly for us, a responsible approach to fulfilling assigned tasks.

Alexander Kirov

For us in Picaboo, SEO is one of the main sources of traffic.
Therefore, we turned to the DS Team for help in optimization, as we have long been familiar with their expertise.
Colleagues have proven that they are a responsible partner who can be relied upon.
Proactive approach, striving to achieve results, transparency in work and prompt communication – everything is fine.
Good luck to your colleagues and we recommend you for cooperation.

Marketing Department

Wectory is a London-based financial service for landlords and tenants. DS Team agency helped us with our first sales in 2021 through social media channels, Google Ads and Apple Ads in the UK.

We would like to highlight their speed, flexibility and willingness to respond quickly to our requests. Within a few months, the goals of our marketing campaign were achieved, and the right channels were found. The DS Team took full responsibility for managing the advertising campaigns, preparing the creatives, optimising the launched campaigns, providing regular reports on the work done and were always in touch.

We are ready to recommend DS as a trusted partner.

Artyom Degtyarev

Dunice has been developing web and mobile applications since 2012. We contacted the DS Team agency 2.5 years ago with the task of launching Paid traffic sources. It was important for us to get real target leads that are converted into customers. The colleagues coped with their task, and over the years of cooperation, a large number of tools and mechanics have been tested. The team does its job professionally, and we are satisfied with the result. We highly appreciate the professionalism and approach of each of the agencies, from expert specialists to operational managers. We recommend DS Team as a reliable contractor and wish our colleagues development!

Roman Lebed

Throughout the entire period of work on the myQuiz project, the DS Team has established itself as a responsible and reliable partner.
Our task was to conduct a high-quality audit of the site, which our colleagues from DS coped with perfectly. They have prepared a large number of recommendations for optimizing the site based on careful analysis and comparison with competitors.
We thank the DS Team agency for its high-quality work and proactivity. We hope for further cooperation and are ready to involve the DS Team as a reliable partner in our projects in the future.