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Case Study: SEO For Pet Store

  • 20 min

We were approached for help by a store for the sale of pet supplies. Since the client wanted to remain anonymous, we made the case anonymous.

The company successfully operated in one city until the end of 2019, then decided to expand and launch sales in two cities.

Our cooperation with the company lasted from August 2019 to the present. The online store had a key task-to take a new competitive market share. As a result of cooperation, we managed to increase applications from zero to 1,622 orders per month.

What happened at the start of the project

The specifics of entering a new market consisted, first of all, in the unwillingness of the audience to change their habits — people were in no hurry to use the services of a new online store. The logic is simple: «the usual store is completely satisfied with the quality of goods and delivery time, so why switch to another one?»

Why did we focus on holding promotions

A new company needs broad reach to enter the competition market. To make it easier to get out, we decided to bring traffic in a comprehensive way — from several sources at once: paid traffic from search engines and marketplaces.

How campaigns were set up: they were based on lists of animal feeds that were popular in a particular city.

How to increase interest in the pet store: launch ads with promotions.

Here’s what the mechanics of such ad campaigns look like:

Step 1. Specify the name of the feed and the terms of the promotion in the ads.

The template may look like this:

Title 1 = Keyword. For example, «Akan dry food»

Title 2 — » Discounts up to 50%»!

Text — Black Friday in * store name*! Discounts up to 50%! Come in!

Step 2. Use feed pages as landing pages. The display of products on them was displayed with crossed-out prices.

Step 3. Set up retargeting for the following categories:

  • Users who dropped out of the shopping cart,
  • Those who left the site after viewing three pages,
  • Who made a purchase 30 days ago,
  • Users who visited the site without targeted actions.

Black Friday results:

  • 155 orders from advertising campaigns for individual and general queries — 4.1% conversion from click to purchase,
  • 123 orders from retargeting — also a click-to-buy conversion rate of 4.1%.

We decided to continue working in August and September. We added new keywords to our ad campaigns within two months. We used search queries to check the request for the pet food brand, and added those that didn’t exist yet. Examples of such requests: «royal canin urinary», «royal canin urinary buy».

What results did we manage to get

The chosen strategy was highly effective: at the end of September, the online store was already collecting 1,426 orders (previously it was only 718).

The growth dynamics were as follows:

  • 718 orders in August,
  • 1426 in September,
  • 1029 in October,
  • 1375 in November,
  • 1622 in December.

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