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Writing and editing: working with turnkey content

Website content, translation, optimized texts and editorial materials

Editorial Office

Selling texts for the company's websites and PR activities:

  • We help with writing expert materials and blogging for a turnkey company.
  • We prepare PR materials for publication on industry platforms and in the media.
  • We create sales texts for landing pages and presentations based on product or product descriptions.
Editorial Office


Industrial SEO Copywriting:

  • Let's write LSI texts for the specified semantic core. We work with such SEO services as Just Magic, Text.ru etc.
  • We prepare large groups of unique product descriptions and categories. We write texts that will be informative for users and effective for search engines.
  • We create and post content for the site's search environment: Pinterest, callbacks, and social networks.


Outsourcing of content management and day-to-day operations

  • We prepare product cards, create new pages, select images, videos, and adjust prices.
  • We publish information and keep it up-to-date in the site's CMS, write news, and inform you about the company's promotions.
  • We update data about the company in reference books, catalogs, and ratings. Closing everyday marketing tasks.
Working with multiple languages

Working with multiple languages

Content that helps you enter foreign markets

  • Let's write an article for search queries from the target country, optimize the text for Google.
  • We will translate websites and promotional materials into several languages – English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Kazakh.
  • We will adjust the advertising content to meet the specific needs of the local market.

    Application for cooperation

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    We work with content tasks in any volume, select a team for projects

    The structure that is used for all services – the client's team, project, and specialist descriptions:

    Team pic

    • Editor

      creates a concept, deals with quality control.

    • Author

      selects information and writes an article.

    • Proofreader

      removes errors in the text.

    • Semantologist

      identifies suitable key queries.

    • SEO copywriter

      enters the necessary queries and LSI words in the text.

    • SEO specialist

      creates SEO requirements and verifies them.

    • Marketer

      studies the target audience, forms the brand image.

    • Content manager

      places content on ad platforms.

    • Translator

      adjusts the text for other languages.

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